Photo Gallery 2008 Howell's Campground
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Welcome to the 2008 festivities! Rain or shine .... the show goes on!
A peaceful day on the lake .... but wait 'till tonight! Brian sets up a schedule of the day's events (Including operation sneak attack)
That's good my little helpers, but we're not done yet .... follow me Good job guys .... take a break
The camp office and recreation room Thanks grandma! .... mom only buys me the store brand
OK boys .... just watch and learn She makes it look so easy
All dressed up and ready to go Wake up lil' darlin' .... nap time's over
The table's set up .... now for the electronics Sweet as candy and cute as a button .... the baby I mean!
Taking a leisurely stroll along the main road George shares a bit of his vast sum of knowledge with Nick as grandma looks on
OK gang .... time to dig in! The first serving of much more to come
Do you want fries with that? Then I reached way up on the fretboard of my guitar ....
Don't worry baby .... I promise you'll have hair on your head when you grow up Just sitting back and relaxing
I'll bet you the IRS will never find those files now! Ouch!  I gotta watch out for those fingers
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